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Our story

We’ve seen how third-party management is mission-critical but painful

The foundation of the modern global economy is built on a dense network of counterparty trust and risk. In the past 50 years, companies have evolved from relying on a couple of wholesalers and vendors, to utilizing 80+ SaaS vendors, contract partners, and cloud providers.

Since each counterparty has their own idiosyncratic internal processes and risk profiles, businesses end up spending millions of dollars and countless man-hours conducting due diligence.

We are a team of engineers with deep expertise building innovative B2B SaaS products. Our formative experiences include founding Unit21 to help the largest fintech companies solve AML, building bank connections for Stripe’s Banking-as-a-Service platform, and designing tools to improve how millions of companies use Google Ads.

Our world-class set of investors and advisors comprise executives from Plaid, Brex, Yelp, PagerDuty and Stripe.

Our mission

Empower businesses to work together safely and reliably

Coverbase's mission is to streamline business-to-business assessment, reducing human toil, and allowing organizations to work together safely and reliably.

We believe that third-party management should be more than mere compliance obligation.

Innovative tools and a forward-looking mindset can turn third-party management into a competitive advantage for your business by helping you team up with the very best vendors, suppliers and partners.

Our customers are businesses in regulated industries such as finance and insurance who today perform a lot of manual repetitive work to diligence their partners.