Effortless  Management for Vendor, Fintech,  Partner, Supplier, Third Party

Third Party

Build a risk management program that goes waaaaay beyond just checking the checkbox

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You’re burning time and money on a third-party management program that doesn’t uncover risk

You’re constantly pursuing vendors and colleagues to fill questionnaires, send documents, and close out issues.

You’re flooded with noisy alerts and repetitive documents, worried they won’t help you detect the next failure or breach.

Your risk assessment tool is so inflexible that you keep having to find workarounds.


Automate 90% of your workflow so you can spend time actually bettering security and compliance

Autonomous risk reviews

Assess third-party risk automatically by analyzing questionnaires, documents, public sources, and security / financial / media / sanctions / ESG signals.

Automatically reach out to third-parties and colleagues to supplement missing or outdated information.

Fully flexible risk assessment workflows

Customize your risk assessment criteria, workflows, tier classifications, issue management, and continuous monitoring - without needing to study complicated documentation or hire a consultant.

Monitor and benchmark third-parties against industry standards

Achieve gold-standard security and compliance by continuously monitoring your third-parties against other top companies and programs.

Enterprise-grade security

We make security (and TPRM 😉) teams happy

Secure & compliant

SSO and SCIM provisioning with Okta, AzureAD, Google, and others. SOC 2 and GDPR compliant.

Your data stays in your systems

We don’t send any of your data to third-party services for processing without your permission.